Moshling Eggs

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Moshling Egg
Moshling Eggs are eggs which Members can find on Main Street. Once collected, the plater take care of them by clicking the egg three times each day for a week.
A calendar shows the player how many days are left before it hatches and as the days go along, the egg will begin to crack. The day before it hatches, the eyes of the Moshling will be revealed which look like Gabby’s and Scarlet O’Haira’s.

The first four eggs were released once a month during the last part of 2012 (September onwards) but between December 20th and the 31st, a Twistmas egg was released every day (a total of 12).



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Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokey is an Uncommon, released Moshling in Moshi Monsters. Peekaboo is currently the only known Moshling to be in the Woodies Moshling set.


Is it a walking tree stump or a shy woodland critter in disguise? Who knows, because Oakey-Dokey Hokey-Pokies scurry away whenever you get near them. One thing’s for sure, these highly-strung Moshlings will squirt slippy sap at anyone who tickles so much as a twig, so leaf ‘em alone!


Usually in the Wobbly Woods but they have been known to shed their bark around the Unknown Zone.


Check shirts and linseed oil.


Chainsaws and ramblers.


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The new Moshi called Twaddle is cute

Unknown Moshi Monsters

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These are some yet to be released moshi monsters,they have no name yet!

Minion Rush app Review

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I think that Gameloft have done amazingly well with this animated game it’s exactly like the movie the settings are
Gru’s Lab
Resedential Area
El’Matcho’s lair
The mall
Minion Beach
Its Like Temple run but better you can get all kinds of discuises like
&More I think this is a great game so I rate this a 10/10

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.8.0

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The new Minecraft pocket edition update is out now it has
Beetroot and Beetroot Soup
Mincarts,Rail and Powered Rails
Clocks and Compasses
Hay Bales and Wheat
Potatoes and Carrots
New Thunder and Lightning effects
A new series of pocket edition 0.8.0 will be coming soon starting with the tour of Louistubes Lovely Land

Disney Infinity Mickey The Sorcerers Apprentice Figure

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The New Mickey The Sorcerers Apprentice Figure is out now and a review and live unboxing on LouistubeHD will be coming soon